Another great year and another great round at the Teeing Off for a Miracle 2023 Charity Golf Tournament!

Pictured left to right: Doug Skeffington, John Deverell, Vince Shanahan, and Rob Trotter.

Organized by the Tiger Jeet Singh Foundation, Teeing Off for a Miracle is a charity golf tournament that stands as a beacon of hope and support in the community - emphasizing inclusion and providing aid to children, women's shelters, and essential public school initiatives.

Through the funds raised, vital contributions are made to purchase toys, food, and life essentials for those in need. A special thank you to Tiger Jeet Singh, Tiger Ali Singh Jr, and all those who helped organize. 


Community extends beyond the block we live on and we believe that to foster a happy community, it is important to get involved and support those in our communities.

This year we were so excited to join Team BMV Neighbors for Youth in fundraising for the Coldest Night of the Year Walk 2022 in support of Barrie's Youth Haven.

With the help of our sponsors, we raise a phenomenal $5,730.00. THANK YOU for being the difference and helping supporting our community's youth and the fight to end youth homelessness.